Religious leadership teams face a variety of challenges as they carefully balance the needs of their members, ministries, and properties with the duties related to furthering their mission and charism.

In our webinar, “Leadership Today: Generating the Right Questions for These Times,” Sister Carol Zinn and Erin George of Plante Moran Cresa discuss the interconnectedness of these topics by highlighting the questions leadership teams should be asking as they strive for a perspective that sustains the institute’s mission and charism into the future while maintaining equity in their daily efforts and outcomes.

We explore how leadership teams can situate their religious institutes in ways that address the current and future needs of their members, ministries, and properties through:

  • An offering of critical questions necessary for planning the future of your community’s mission and charism
  • A framework for communicating leadership responsibilities
  • Addressing concerns around the emotional experiences religious men and women face at this time
  • Provide suggestions related to planning for and working through the challenges encountered while furthering the future of the mission and the charism

The webinar, which was hosted by Plante Moran on March 15, 2016, is recorded for on-demand viewing. You can watch it by clicking the link below or visiting and clicking the webinar’s title under the 2016 drop-down menu.

Watch the webinar recording >>>