Plant Moran Cresa 2016-2017 Promotions: Elltn Barkley, Adam Burgess, Mike Carl, Gino Del Pup, Kevin Donnelly, Erin George, Tori Manix, Matt Rust, Brian Smith, Paul Theriault

July marks the beginning of a new performance year, and with it comes the much-anticipated announcement of Plante Moran Cresa staff promotions. In recognition of their hard work and accomplishments, we are proud to announce the following promotions:


Paul Theriault

Senior Vice President

Gino Del Pup
Erin George

Vice President

Adam Burgess
Mike Carl
Kevin Donnelly
Brian Smith

Senior Consultant

Ellyn Barkley
Tori Manix
Matt Rust

We are fortunate to have these talented individuals in our group. Please join me in congratulating these outstanding individuals for an important achievement in their careers!