The uplifting story of a long-abandoned Circuit City transforming into a modern city hall for the City of Westland (Michigan) won not only the awe and excitement of City Hall employees, but also the votes of local community members for the statewide 2015 Community Excellence Award.

The Community Excellence Award winners were chosen by a panel of judges along with a community-wide online poll. The awards were broken down into four different categories, and more than 20 communities were involved in voting for the 16 finalists. The Westland City Hall was entered into the category “Strength in Structure,” where it ultimately won the golden cup trophy.

Plante Moran Cresa (PMC) is proud to have worked with the City of Westland on its city hall project. PMC worked with the City throughout the planning process to assess the City’s space needs and options. The City then engaged us as owner’s representative, where we assisted in keeping the renovation’s budget and schedule on track.

The new hall is 64,000 square feet, energy efficient, and large enough to house most of the City’s scattered departments as well as provide public meeting rooms for community and business events. The goal of the design was to ensure the long-term viability of the building and make it environmentally sustainable.

In a press release from the Michigan Municipal League, Mayor William Wild expressed his pride and gratitude for the award and his community.

“There were four incredible projects and the competition was very stiff, but what makes us proud is this is voted on by our peers,” said Mayor Wild. “When you see other municipalities that know how hard these projects are to pull off and to be recognized by them is something we appreciate, and I know the residents of Westland appreciate it as well.”

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